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Squat King Fitness Before Squatking Fitness - Case Study

Launch Date

July 30, 2023


Sarah King


Personal trainer


NWA Arkansas

Project Overview

Squat King Fitness, a personal trainer in North West Arkansas, asked us to redesign their website. The owner, Sarah, felt her old website was out of date and hard to use, and there wasn’t enough basic SEO. She wanted a nice-looking website that could draw more visitors if she decided to implement local SEO later.


The old website was not eye-catching, which made many people leave the site quickly. The design did not match the modern, motivational image that Squat King Fitness wanted to show.

The site was hard to use, which left visitors and potential clients feeling lost. This led to less time spent on the site and more people leaving.

Sarah’s site had not been optimized for search engines, greatly limiting its online visibility.

Since the website had no lead forms, it couldn’t turn the few visitors it had into potential leads. This led to fewer leads and sales, which hurt Sarah’s earnings.


We created a visually nice and responsive website design that matches Squat King Fitness’s modern and inspiring brand image. The website now works well on mobile and is optimized for getting conversions for users easily.

We improved the site map and made the navigation simpler, so it’s easy for potential customers to find what they need. This increased how long people stay on the site and made fewer people leave.

Our team did detailed keyword research and improved the content, meta-tags, and alt attributes with these keywords. This made the website more noticeable on search engines, so she can add more content for SEO later if she chooses.

We included strategically placed lead forms across the site. These forms designed for lead generation help convert website traffic into potential customers, positively influencing Squat King Fitness’s bottom line.

Our Approach

First, we took a good look at Squat King Fitness’s old website to see what could be improved. We found several problems like an old-fashioned design, hard navigation, and not enough useful information. From an SEO standpoint, the site didn’t use the right keywords or have any internal linking.

We started working with Squat King Fitness by completely redoing the structure and design of the site to make it user-friendly. We made navigation simpler, better user interaction, and modernized the look by adding the brand’s colors, fonts, and high-quality images of fitness.

When it came to content, we worked with Sarah to make clear, fun to read, and useful information that accurately showed her services. This upgraded content also had targeted keywords to help with SEO.

For SEO, we did careful keyword research in the fitness field, especially in the Northwest Arkansas area. We looked for important keywords about personal training services that had a good balance of high search numbers and competition. These were added to the website’s content and meta tags.