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Ensure a fast, secure, and seamless online experience for your visitors. 

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Noah did an amazing job building my website! It turned out even better than I expected. His knowledge, attention to detail, and creativity went a long way in creating my ideal website.

Sarah King

Personal Trainer, Squat King Fitness


Noah is an incredibly professional individual and he is very knowledgeable about web design and SEO. If you need any help with digital marketing, this is your guy!

Samantha Leigh

Why Your Here

No Time for Your Website?

Forget to change your hours during an important holiday? Need to add in some new team photos?  

We get it, maintaining a website can take time you don’t have as a busy business owner.

Luckily, we offer top-notch website maintenance services to tackle these problems, freeing you up to run your business.

The Solution

Website Maintenance & Security Plans

If you’re tired of depending on your assistant for website management, we have the answer for you.

Regular Updates

We take care of adding, removing, and simple editing of text, photos, pages, menu items, and file downloads.

24/5 Support

Turn to us with issues like setting up email, modifying your website, and making overall enhancements.

Enhanced Security

We provide automatic plugin updates, daily backups, and enhanced security against online threats.

How We Help

Ways We Make Your Life Easier

Saving Time and Resources

We know the last thing you think about while running your business is updating your website. 

And we completely understand. 

The good thing is we can relieve that burden. Our maintenance services handle the tech stuff, freeing you up to focus on expanding your business and better serving your customers.

Streamlined Content Management

Think about your perfect customer coming to your website primed to buy, only to find outdated content.

Missed sales and damaged brands are a real thing due to this.

Don’t miss sales; make them with fresh, relevant content about your brand. 

Seamless Website Functionality

We get it; technology is not your thing.

But don’t let that harm the experience of your customers.

Imagine a customer getting upset due to broken links or non-working features on your site. It’s not good for your business.

But we can help; let us ensure a positive user experience without technical hitches blocking your business’s success.

We’ll keep your website updated and secure with our all-inclusive maintenance services, giving you peace of mind and keeping your website safe for visitors.

Keep Your Website Secure & Updated

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Website Maintenance Packages

We understand you value transparency when it comes to pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are website maintenance services, and why do I need it?

Website maintenance includes regular updates and security checks to keep your site running smoothly. It’s important to make your site quick, safe and up-to-date to provide a good user experience and guard against online threats.

Our maintenance services include a variety of updates like adding or deleting text, photos, pages, changing basic navigation, and adding downloadable files like PDFs.

Absolutely. With our support & updates package, if you need help setting up email, making changes to your website, or a 30-minute walk-through of the backend of your website, we are ready to help.

Our maintenance packages cover daily website backups, daily security checks, and urgent support for issues like website hacking. 

Yes, you can manage your website on your own, considering your skills, time, and the complexity of your website. However, many local business owners prefer professional maintenance services to keep their sites updated, secure, and running smoothly, which allows them to focus on other important tasks. If you feel skilled and have the time, go ahead and manage it yourself. But if you prefer professional help for ease and peace of mind, we’re here for you.

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